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4 Reasons To Start A Career In Teaching

People are motivated by different things when it comes to picking a career. Often, one often factors in what they are passionate about or gifted in, and pursues a related career. Other times one is motivated by the pay and prospects of earning more. When it comes to teaching, the dynamics are still the same; people opt to train as teachers for different reasons. Some of the top reasons include;

  1. Teachers are always in demand; teaching is one of those professions where you can’t go for long unemployed. New schools are being opened daily, children and older adults are continually pursuing studies; you will always be in demand as a teacher.
  2. Teaching is a fulfilling profession; secondly, teaching is a deeply satisfying and fulfilling profession. It feels nice seeing students sit and listen to you as you impart knowledge to them. Few professions are as deeply satisfying.
  3. It’s easy becoming a teacher; in this day and age where we have companies like SCCD teacher training courses that have really made the process of training to become a teacher so easy, you have no excuse. You can train conveniently, affordably, and end up becoming a great and reputable teacher.
  4. You can do it part-time; nowadays, we have many teachers who teach part time, and do other jobs when not teaching. Some teach on given days of the week, or for some hours on any given day; this leaves them with much free time to do other constructive things.
  5. Teachers earn well; on average, teachers earn between £22,241 and £38,241. This is good news for graduates who are looking for regular income to get them started in the journey of life! See more on


You can seldom go wrong with a career in teaching; it’s a noble profession, always in demand, and is deeply satisfying.