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Best Tourist Spots to visit in the European Countries

Europe has some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world, cities famous for their architecture, culture, modern infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, and much more. Besides, European cities are still some of the safest anywhere; you can always enjoy your visit without having to constantly look behind your back. Here at Deal Vourcherz, we have compiled a trip list of some of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. It’ll depend on what you’re looking for, some destinations are famed for their beautiful beaches, others vibrant nightlife, and still, others Paris are known for their culture and fashion history.  Have a look below and use this list to pick your next destination in Europe;

  1. Paris; welcome to Paris, the city of love and romance. Few cities in the world boast of a rich history of fashion and design, and sense of romance as Paris does. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower are some of the top attractions in Paris and are a must visit. Plus plenty of sidewalk cafes that you can pop anytime of the day or night and enjoy a tasty meal.
  2. London; the UK is one of the most visited countries in Europe, thanks to the modern, cosmopolitan nature of London City. Besides, most people visit London due to availability of good transport infrastructure and ability to connect to other parts of Europe from here. Buckingham Paris, the Thames, Big Ben; London is home to awesome monuments and historical architecture. However, London is an expensive city by all standards and budget travelers may want to consider this tourist spots
  3. Amsterdam; Amsterdam is a top tourist spot in Europe for its liberal laws and vibrant nightlife. Amsterdam marijuana shops are globally popular, so is the Red Light District; Amsterdam is one of the few cities in the West where prostitution is legal.
  4. Barcelona; if you’re looking for an all inclusive experience where you’re on the beach one moment, in the middle of a modern city the next, then Barcelona is the place for you. The beaches are beautiful and Mediterranean weather just lovely. Plus you’ll love the local cuisine and hospitality of the locals.

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