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Metro Wardrobes: A better option than IKEA wardrobes in the UK

For most people here in the UK, IKEA is almost like a household name when it comes to buying furniture and especially wardrobes.

fitted-furniture-from-Metro-WardrobesIKEA Wardrobes have been popular with many shoppers for their unique and modern designs. However, today we have Metro Wardrobes, the newest kid in the world of home and office furniture. We’re not saying that we’re suddenly the best or more superior; we’re only saying that Metro Wardrobes is worth your attention, we care about you getting value for what you pay for. IKEA is an international Swedish founded Brand with branches far and wide.

With the current BREXIT talks being shrouded in so much uncertainty, one can’t really tell what the final scenario for international businesses will be. As such, embracing local brands like Metro Wardrobes is a sure way of building a long term relationship whereby we’ll gladly handle all your furniture needs.

Why Metro Wardrobes, why should you trust our wardrobes?

  • Metro Wardrobes prides itself of decades of experience manufacturing and fitting high quality wardrobes of all designs. Whether you’re looking for any of the major brands like Hettich, Xylo Cleaf, Egger, and Hafele or want us to design an own, customized design; we’ll do just that. Our team of interior designers and professional woodworkers has decades of experience, you can never go wrong with us.
  • When it comes to making wardrobes, we want you to have maximum storage space for your clothes, ties, shoes, ties, headscarf, you name them. We provide solutions to your storage needs and as such, we’re creative, we’re innovative. Our Metro bespoke wardrobes come complete with highly finished hanging rails and rods, drawers, shelves, luxurious handles, and LED lighting, and reflective mirrors. Have a look at these awesome photos of the latest wardrobe designs; you’ll surely love them so much.
  • We clearly understand that a wardrobe is only as good as it is durable and able to meet all your storage needs. In that regard, we always welcome you to visit our London showroom where you can present your ideas and suggestions for your wardrobe. All the boards we use are 18mm thick and above, all are professionally cut using our German CNC machines. Unlike most furniture brands that only allow you to shop online, Metro Wardrobes indeed welcomes you to our Showroom anytime, any day.
  • Are you a lover of contemporary home furniture? Or you prefer something more traditional, with a subtle but stylish design? Metro Wardrobes prides itself of having a variety of furniture designs for you to pick from. When it comes to our wardrobes, you have numerous designs and styles to pick from depending on your individual tastes and preferences. Each design is fully made to measure and where necessary, we customize the wardrobes to your specifications.
  • Metro Wardrobes uses the latest technology in designing and manufacturing our wardrobes. Our 3D PAX Wardrobe Planner enables you to design and plan your own wardrobe, customize it according to your ideas and suggestions. Our customer care team is always on standby to engage and guide you, for more details on this please talk to us on 07985355647 or 02034883347.
  • Are there times you’re really pleased with a certain furniture design but got discouraged by the complexity of installation and fitting processes? This happens too often but it doesn’t have to worry you anymore; we will complete the design and assembling of your wardrobe within 14 days or less depending on the nature of your design. We also do the installation and fitting for you, at a small fee.
  • Lastly, did you know that Metro Wardrobes is one of the few furniture dealers here in London and England that offers you personalized shopping experiences? Like we begun by saying, we always like it when our customers get value for every coin they spend on our furniture. As such, we can dispatch our highly experienced interior designers to come over to your home and take measurements, do a visual inspection of your space, before recommending the best wardrobe to go for. We don’t charge a cent for this visits, they’re part for our efforts to understand our customer needs.
  • Alternatively, you can take some nice photos of your space and share with us; we’re able to offer you professional designing tips. For instance, a large white wardrobe with sliding doors blends in extremely well with any interior textures and hues you may have in your room. Highly polished mahogany wardrobes with steel handles and rails, and interior LED lighting; this kind of wardrobe is ideal if you’re looking for a more contemporary, modern kind of look and feel in your room.

Home-Office-Furniture-from-Metro-WardrobesIndeed, Metro Wardrobes is your reliable, affordable partner for all your Wardrobes needs in London and the larger England. Don’t pay more for less; instead, pay less for more right here at Metro Wardrobes.

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