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Top Features of ARMember Membership Plugin

Features of ARMember Membership Plugin

While planning to create a membership site on WordPress then selecting a good membership plugin becomes a very necessary task.

And if you are one of them then this article is gonna to help you a lot because in this article I have come up with an amazing membership plugin name which is an ‘all in one’ membership plugin ARMember .

It has some amazing features which I am going to discuss in this article so that you can decide whether this plugin is suitable for you or not.

But before that let’s have a small introduction of membership site and ARmember plugin.

Membership site is a simple site where contents are accessible to only those members who have the membership plan. Plan may be paid or free.

ARmember is a wordpress plugin use for membership sites which let to restrict content on your site and allows to access only those members who have the membership plan of your site.

armember membership plugin

Let’s begin…

Features of ARmember plugin

All in one membership plugin with easy integration

ARmember plugin have all the features what a membership plugins need to have like payment tracking, drip content, built-in advanced form builder etc.

It also provides the easiest and simplest way of setting up your membership site. Means, using this plugin within a minute you will have your membership site ready.

Restrict website content

This is one of the most important features or any membership plugin needs to have because restricting the content on a site is the main motive of using membership plugins.

So, ARmember plugin allows you to restrict content on your site effortlessly and allows to access only those members who have subscribed it.

Unique membership setup wizard

The membership setup wizard of ARmember plugin is very simple and unique. To create membership program on your membership site it create a simple short code and wherever you want to show that membership plan on your site just paste it over there.

Built-in advanced form builder

All membership plugin does not provide you a built-in form builder feature but ARmember have this feature and allows you to create some beautiful login and registration page by just few clicks without having a knowledge of coding.

wordpress membership plugin

Drip feed content

ARmember plugin has a built in features of content dripping.

Content dripping is a process of delaying the release of content on your site for members who have subscribed it. This feature of ARmember allows you to release your content on your site periodically.

Profile and directories with templates

ARmember plugin provides some awesome templates for members profile and directories which can be customized too.

Payment gateways

After content restriction this is one another non-avoidable feature any membership plugin needs to have. Most of the membership plugin you will see on wordpress plugin store will have this feature but many of plugin have the limitation of providing the payment gateways.

I mean only few of them are providing different payment gateways features and ARmember is one of them.

ARmember plugin comes with some popular payment gateways like Pagseguro, Paypal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, Bank transfer etc.

So these are the some highlighted features of ARmember but along with this it has few some more features which is listed below.

  • Easy member management
  • Unlimited plan with trial period
  • Periodic billing
  • Social network login
  • Exclusive coupon management
  • Professional support team
  • Import/export users and settings


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have seen about the multiple features of ARmember plugin and I think these are enough to let you decide whether this plugin is suitable for you or not.