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How To Make A Nativity Scene?

Creating a nativity scene is one of the most enjoyable and fun activities in the run up to preparations for Christmas. Many people would want to create a perfect exhibition that depicts the birth of Jesus Christ, either in their churches or in their homes, but they lack the knowledge of how to pull out a perfect nativity scene.

Creating nativity scenes helps bring out the impression of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Besides, it’s is usually a fun moment for the kids in the house, especially if they get to experiment and understand the whole nativity scene thing.

 Pulling out a perfect nativity scene is not usually a walk in the park. You must invest in some creativity and time to plan up. Furthermore, you will be required to put in a little money in getting the nativity scene accessories.  You cannot just wake up and pull a perfect nativity scene; you have to plan in advance. You will have to buy the instruments, and come up with the plans of putting up a nativity scene.

create a nativity scene

Sounds like a difficult task?  Yes? Well, worry not. HOLYART is here to guide and provide you with everything you’ll need to make the perfect nativity scene. We are dealers of all Christmas gifts and decorations, including accessories you’ll need to create a nativity scene. Here we go;

1.    Go shopping for your nativity scene equipment;

Shopping for nativity scene accessories can be quite daunting. You do not just go into a store and buy the first accessories you bump into. You will have to have a plan or sketch of what you want your nativity scene to be like. Picture your ideal nativity scene before going to the store. This way, you are assured to perfectly pull out your desired nativity scene. Here at HOLYART; our staff will guide you and offer you various nativity ideas to pick from.

  1. Animals for the nativity scene

There are a lot of animals that can be used to make your nativity scenes reality. We have a lot of animals that you can choose for your nativity scene. Many a times, people opt to craft the animals by themselves. This is also a good idea, but you don’t want to gamble especially if you are not good with DIYs. We have a variety of animals sculptured in different positions. It’s up to you to choose what suites your plan best. We have donkeys, sheep, camels, bulls, donkeys, dogs, rabbits, hens and many others. It’s upon you to choose what animal and what position of the animal you want. For instance, we have standing camels, and also have camels in sitting position.

3.    Animated nativity scenes

Getting a set-up of a nativity scene is usually a good idea, because you get to purchase a number of things in one piece. For instance, if you purchase the manger scene, you get to purchase the figures of Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and a few animals all in one structure. Better still, the figures in the scene are already perfectly arranged for you. At HOLYART, we have nativity scenes for manger scene and many other scenes you can choose from. It all depends on your tastes and preference.

4.    Figurines for the nativity scene

There are a variety of statues you need for your perfect nativity scene. There are figures such as Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wise men and the shepherds.  These figures are the main components of a nativity scene.

5.    Other nativity scene accessories

There are many other accessories that you may need to add to your nativity scene. These include the instruments used by the shepherds, lamps, angels, gates and doors, railings and backgrounds. All the accessories that could be used on a nativity scene are all available at HOLYART. The instruments come in different materials such as wood, porcelain, metal. Again, it’s upon you to choose what suites your plans.

tips to create a nativity scene

6.    Choose a space to set your nativity scene

Shopping for the right nativity scene accessories is the difficult task. Once you are done shopping, the rest is usually a walk in the park. Choose a place in your house where you will set the scene. The place could be in a corner, or somewhere that is probably raised. The idea here is that the place be safe for the accessories, and at the same time easily visible to people in the house. It could be on top of a table situated at the corner, or on top of a chest of drawers.

7.    Set up the nativity scene

This is another crucial step that requires you to be super keen. First, you will have to put a background that is probably well lit with stars and baubles. You can thereafter put the manger scene at the corner, followed by a star hanging on top of the manger. You could then place other figurines around the manger, depending on how you want to pull of your nativity scene. A figure of three wise men, Mary holding baby Jesus and Joseph should be placed around the manger. Alternatively, you could put baby Jesus in the middle of the stable, with Joseph and Mary placed on his sides. Place the shepherds together with the animals slightly away from the stable.

You could buy a few instruments, and create other DIY equipment which you find pretty easy to make. Making the nativity scene requires you to be a little creative so that you come up with the best scene possible. For instance, you can have a star hanging on top of the manger using aluminum foil to depict the exact condition Jesus was born in.

A nativity scene is a must have this Christmas especially if you have little kids around. I Get perfectly crafted nativity scene animals, angels, and other nativity scene structures from HOLYART shop all at incredible prices. You can now turn this Christmas into one that your kids will forever remember by getting them some nativity accessories from our shop; it’s fun, and also helps reinforce their Christian faith as they grow up.