For most people here in the UK, IKEA is almost like a household name when it comes to buying furniture and especially wardrobes.

fitted-furniture-from-Metro-WardrobesIKEA Wardrobes have been popular with many shoppers for their unique and modern designs. However, today we have Metro Wardrobes, the newest kid in the world of home and office furniture. We’re not saying that we’re suddenly the best or more superior; we’re only saying that Metro Wardrobes is worth your attention, we care about you getting value for what you pay for. IKEA is an international Swedish founded Brand with branches far and wide.

With the current BREXIT talks being shrouded in so much uncertainty, one can’t really tell what the final scenario for international businesses will be. As such, embracing local brands like Metro Wardrobes is a sure way of building a long term relationship whereby we’ll gladly handle all your furniture needs.

Why Metro Wardrobes, why should you trust our wardrobes?

  • Metro Wardrobes prides itself of decades of experience manufacturing and fitting high quality wardrobes of all designs. Whether you’re looking for any of the major brands like Hettich, Xylo Cleaf, Egger, and Hafele or want us to design an own, customized design; we’ll do just that. Our team of interior designers and professional woodworkers has decades of experience, you can never go wrong with us.
  • When it comes to making wardrobes, we want you to have maximum storage space for your clothes, ties, shoes, ties, headscarf, you name them. We provide solutions to your storage needs and as such, we’re creative, we’re innovative. Our Metro bespoke wardrobes come complete with highly finished hanging rails and rods, drawers, shelves, luxurious handles, and LED lighting, and reflective mirrors. Have a look at these awesome photos of the latest wardrobe designs; you’ll surely love them so much.
  • We clearly understand that a wardrobe is only as good as it is durable and able to meet all your storage needs. In that regard, we always welcome you to visit our London showroom where you can present your ideas and suggestions for your wardrobe. All the boards we use are 18mm thick and above, all are professionally cut using our German CNC machines. Unlike most furniture brands that only allow you to shop online, Metro Wardrobes indeed welcomes you to our Showroom anytime, any day.
  • Are you a lover of contemporary home furniture? Or you prefer something more traditional, with a subtle but stylish design? Metro Wardrobes prides itself of having a variety of furniture designs for you to pick from. When it comes to our wardrobes, you have numerous designs and styles to pick from depending on your individual tastes and preferences. Each design is fully made to measure and where necessary, we customize the wardrobes to your specifications.
  • Metro Wardrobes uses the latest technology in designing and manufacturing our wardrobes. Our 3D PAX Wardrobe Planner enables you to design and plan your own wardrobe, customize it according to your ideas and suggestions. Our customer care team is always on standby to engage and guide you, for more details on this please talk to us on 07985355647 or 02034883347.
  • Are there times you’re really pleased with a certain furniture design but got discouraged by the complexity of installation and fitting processes? This happens too often but it doesn’t have to worry you anymore; we will complete the design and assembling of your wardrobe within 14 days or less depending on the nature of your design. We also do the installation and fitting for you, at a small fee.
  • Lastly, did you know that Metro Wardrobes is one of the few furniture dealers here in London and England that offers you personalized shopping experiences? Like we begun by saying, we always like it when our customers get value for every coin they spend on our furniture. As such, we can dispatch our highly experienced interior designers to come over to your home and take measurements, do a visual inspection of your space, before recommending the best wardrobe to go for. We don’t charge a cent for this visits, they’re part for our efforts to understand our customer needs.
  • Alternatively, you can take some nice photos of your space and share with us; we’re able to offer you professional designing tips. For instance, a large white wardrobe with sliding doors blends in extremely well with any interior textures and hues you may have in your room. Highly polished mahogany wardrobes with steel handles and rails, and interior LED lighting; this kind of wardrobe is ideal if you’re looking for a more contemporary, modern kind of look and feel in your room.

Home-Office-Furniture-from-Metro-WardrobesIndeed, Metro Wardrobes is your reliable, affordable partner for all your Wardrobes needs in London and the larger England. Don’t pay more for less; instead, pay less for more right here at Metro Wardrobes.

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comfort in sleeping

If you are having shoulder pain you know the best that how hard it can be at night to get proper sleep. Because of this pain you often are unable to sleep or to stay in sleep. But if you want to improve your sleep here are some tips.

1.Do not sleep on your front:
You may think that sleeping on your front may keep pressure off your sore shoulders. But unfortunately, when you sleep on your front your shoulders are pulled forward out and disturbs the alignment and does not help you to keep a stable position. Instead, sleep on your back because sleeping on the back will keep your shoulders in a good position.

  1. Opposite of the bad shoulder:
    You better sleep on your back but ifit isn’t working for you, then sleep on the side opposite to your sore shoulder. In this situation, add a soft pillow in the underarm are and provide support to your sore shoulder.
  2. Support your head:
    Always give support your head with a comfy pillow so to keep your body in proper alignment. And with that support try to keep your shoulder as comfortable as you can.Also consider a rolled up towel around the neck area.

    sleeping with shoulder pain

  3. Use a body pillow:
    If you move around while sleeping consider using a full length body pillow which may provide support to your whole body and keep it at one place. While you are considering this pillow makes sure that it is soft and it has enough elasticity which will mold a bit according to the posture of your body.
  4. Comfortable Duvet:

Duvets are also very soothing for the patients having sore shoulder. Always buy the best comfortable duvets which are comfortable and soft. Autumnnights luxury bed linen brings you the best the best duvets and autumnnights duvet covers are the best in the town.

    6. Don’t be afraid:
If a particular sleeping position has worked for you for a while but now it isn’t working, then do not get afraid of trying something else. If you are sleeping at the right side and now it is not comfortable for you try to sleep on the left side. As I have also experienced that when I have a sore in the shoulder, the position that suited me for the most of the times was the right side but after a couple of weeks that was not working for me, so I start exploring new positions and when I found a suitable position I kept that for the next week.


best tourist spot in paris

Europe has some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world, cities famous for their architecture, culture, modern infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, and much more. Besides, European cities are still some of the safest anywhere; you can always enjoy your visit without having to constantly look behind your back. Here at Deal Vourcherz, we have compiled a trip list of some of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. It’ll depend on what you’re looking for, some destinations are famed for their beautiful beaches, others vibrant nightlife, and still, others Paris are known for their culture and fashion history.  Have a look below and use this list to pick your next destination in Europe;

  1. Paris; welcome to Paris, the city of love and romance. Few cities in the world boast of a rich history of fashion and design, and sense of romance as Paris does. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower are some of the top attractions in Paris and are a must visit. Plus plenty of sidewalk cafes that you can pop anytime of the day or night and enjoy a tasty meal.
  2. London; the UK is one of the most visited countries in Europe, thanks to the modern, cosmopolitan nature of London City. Besides, most people visit London due to availability of good transport infrastructure and ability to connect to other parts of Europe from here. Buckingham Paris, the Thames, Big Ben; London is home to awesome monuments and historical architecture. However, London is an expensive city by all standards and budget travelers may want to consider this reality.

    best tourist spots

  3. Amsterdam; Amsterdam is a top tourist spot in Europe for its liberal laws and vibrant nightlife. Amsterdam marijuana shops are globally popular, so is the Red Light District; Amsterdam is one of the few cities in the West where prostitution is legal.
  4. Barcelona; if you’re looking for an all inclusive experience where you’re on the beach one moment, in the middle of a modern city the next, then Barcelona is the place for you. The beaches are beautiful and Mediterranean weather just lovely. Plus you’ll love the local cuisine and hospitality of the locals.

You can enjoy discounts of up to 33% off anytime you book your travel via  We’ve partnered with some of the top holiday providers; we can make your visit to any part of Europe hassle free and memorable. Get in touch for more details and let’s start planning!



rubbish removal

The day to day use of a domestic premise result to the generation of waste. This waste is referred to as domestic waste. Domestic waste may include biodegradable food waste, for instance; food and kitchen waste, green waste or paper. It could also be recyclable material like paper, glass, cans, bottles and certain plastics. Inert waste such as construction and demolition waste may also be found in domestic waste. Tetra packs and waste toys are forms of composite waste also found in domestic waste as well as hazardous and toxic waste. Medicines, spray cans, light bulbs and pesticide containers are common toxic wastes that may be generated from a household.

Domestic waste disposal is an issue that is vital to the management of an urban area. London is a highly populated city, the volume of domestic waste generated from the households of its residents is therefore very high. The waste needs to be cleaned professionally to avoid posing health risks to life. Discussed below are professional guidelines for domestic waste clearance in London.

Sanitary landfill disposal; this is much more than dumping around. Lighter materials from the domestic waste are placed at the bottom of the landfill – usually the toxic compounds. A new layer of soil is added after waste has been added to accelerate decomposition.

Incineration disposal; this is a popular garbage disposal method. It can be done at a distant place far away from sanitation facilities and human residence. All waste containing toxic substances especially the heavy metal toxic substances are burnt and sent up a chimney. Incineration coupled with proper waste sorting may be effective in reasonably safe measures, as long the materials being burned are the only simple organic waste and not manufactured goods. Same Day Rubbish Removals

Material- recovery sorting disposal; this is recycling at a whole new level. The entire domestic waste is sorted by material specifications. During the sorting, much of it is recovered for reprocessing. The recovered material may be sold for profit. Recycling wastes such as aluminium, steel, copper and plastics results in the manufacture of new products. Instead of having your waste dumped at landfills, recycling it may be of benefit to you and to the environment at large.

Compost production; most domestic waste like food scraps, vegetable peelings, tea bags and eggshells may make excellent compost material. Keeping a compost heap may help you create your own free green plant fertilizer. You will not only cut your waste but also bloom your garden.

Clear out schedules; have a proper clear-out schedule for your home. This may be highly effective during summer. Getting rid of the unwanted household waste collection like clothes, electronics and metals will help in the quick disposal.

Always have clearly marked containers for different types of wastes, including food, paper and plastic. When packing food, use as many reusable containers as possible. This will help reduce your waste. Carry bags to collect rubbish when eating out. Homesteads with a functioning waste disposal plan are unlikely to face risks of diseases that may be rampant in populated areas.

For more information and hiring for waste clearance in London visit


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ITCC Locksmiths are celebrating over 10 years in business in London. As the best locksmiths team in London, they are the best when it comes to all the locksmith work.


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ITCC Locksmiths Celebrates More Than Ten Years In Business


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People are motivated by different things when it comes to picking a career. Often, one often factors in what they are passionate about or gifted in, and pursues a related career. Other times one is motivated by the pay and prospects of earning more. When it comes to teaching, the dynamics are still the same; people opt to train as teachers for different reasons. Some of the top reasons include;

  1. Teachers are always in demand; teaching is one of those professions where you can’t go for long unemployed. New schools are being opened daily, children and older adults are continually pursuing studies; you will always be in demand as a teacher.
  2. Teaching is a fulfilling profession; secondly, teaching is a deeply satisfying and fulfilling profession. It feels nice seeing students sit and listen to you as you impart knowledge to them. Few professions are as deeply satisfying.
  3. It’s easy becoming a teacher; in this day and age where we have companies like SCCD teacher training courses that have really made the process of training to become a teacher so easy, you have no excuse. You can train conveniently, affordably, and end up becoming a great and reputable teacher.
  4. You can do it part-time; nowadays, we have many teachers who teach part time, and do other jobs when not teaching. Some teach on given days of the week, or for some hours on any given day; this leaves them with much free time to do other constructive things.
  5. Teachers earn well; on average, teachers earn between £22,241 and £38,241. This is good news for graduates who are looking for regular income to get them started in the journey of life! See more on


You can seldom go wrong with a career in teaching; it’s a noble profession, always in demand, and is deeply satisfying.

The market is full of many furniture dealers, each claiming to sell the best and original modern furniture. But are all dealers to be trusted?  Well, sadly no.  There are many cons and scammers that stock fake modern furniture brands; before you realize it, you’ve already paid for substandard items. This tells you that you should always strive to do things correctly. Modern furniture has to be capable of bringing out the best in your space, as well as give you value for your money. When buying modern furniture, you can always try out these tips;

  1. Know what you want; the first step is to know what you really want to achieve. If you have decided that it is the modern look and feel you wish to accomplish, it makes sense to inspect your space keenly before embarking on buying. What items will you exactly require? Where do you plan to arrange what? Once you are clear on exactly what you wish to achieve and how to go about it, then you’re almost there.
  2. Speak to friends or family; it is also recommendable to speak to a friend or family member, let them know about your plans to get some modern furniture pieces. You would be surprised at how helpful they could turn out to be. Perhaps they know of a dealer with the best furniture, or they have learnt the hard way and have crucial tips. Still, they could suggest a modern furniture dealer with the best discounts, who can transport the items for free, and so on so forth.
  3. The internet also helps; you could also do a quick search on the internet, check out some of the top modern furniture dealers around your area. Here, you also see photos that will help you narrow down your search.
  4. Photos are good; in this day and age of technology, you can take some photos of the room or space you wish to fill with the modern furniture. The furniture dealers will be able to advice you better and give you vital tips on what furniture pieces you’ll need, how to arrange them, etc. The dealers are also able to estimate the size of space you have, and thus suggest the most ideal set of modern furniture pieces that can be comfortably accommodated. See more on fci London website.
  5. If you have decided to purchase your modern furniture pieces online, always be very careful. Never pay the full amount for items that have not been delivered. Online cons and scammers are always lurking out there; do your research correctly in order to ensure that you don’t get conned.